21 April 2011

WMA audiobooks, Overdrive media console and Windows 7

Have you or your patrons been having trouble updating the Overdrive media console on your computer? If so, there is a fix. To preform the update, go to:


Follow the prompts and the update should take effect. Remember, you have to be using internet explorer for the update to work.

If you tried that, and it still does not work, overdrive recommends the following:

1. Stop the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.

For step 1 - control panel
admin tools
WMP Network Sharing Service - clicked "stop"

2. Download the ResetDRM tool from Microsoft:

3. Right-click ResetDRM.exe, and then click Run as administrator to
reset the Windows Media DRM

Important The ResetDRM tool deletes all existing Windows Media DRM
licenses on your current installation of Windows 7.

The ResetDRM tool should only be used if all Windows Media DRM content
playback is nonfunctional.

Note: After the following process is complete, you will have to
reacquire DRM licenses for your Windows 7-based computer. This can be
done by downloading the content again after upgrading the security in
the next step.

4. Manually install the DRM Security Update again for OverDrive by
running Internet Explorer as administrator and going to the following site:



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