15 July 2011

Library Journal e-book Survey

Most likely you’ve been hearing about the Library Journal and School Library Journal survey on e-books. If you complete the survey you will be entered to win a nook color! We will be sending this via a mass email as well. Sorry for the duplicate effort,  but we  would love to see a strong turnout of VT libraries in this survey!

As GMLC members hopefully you’ve taken the Content Reserve training so you already can get this info but we wanted to help you a bit with some of the questions. You have till July 31st to take the survey.  Here is the link to the survey:

FAQ for Green Mountain Library Consorium Libraries taking part in the survey:

Note: All of the stats can be accessed by logging into content reserve. Remember to use Internet Explorer!  You can scale for your library for all the libraries in the ListenUp! Vermont Program.

1) How many ebooks does your library currently have access to or own? As a Consortium we own: 852 e-books

2) Has your library experienced an increase in requests for ebooks since this time last year? 
To do your check out statistics, go to Reports tab and select View Patron Activity Charts. (This is where you will be able to get lots of your statistics.) A pop up window will appear, and here you will select the following: 

Chart: Patrons by Month.
Branches: Select your library
Start Date: Select the date when you first offered e-books. For instance, if you were a member when we first added e-books, choose 11/1/2010. If you joined this year, select the date when you were launched. For example 01/1/2011. Tip- use the calendar icon on the right hand side
End Date: Select the date you are doing the survey, ie: 07/14/2011
Sort Order: You can choose ascending or descending- all up to you!
Click OK to submit
To do Holds stats, you will again be under the Reports tab. Select Waiting List History.
Chart: Waiting List by Month
Website Type- Both
Branch: Select your library from the list
Format: Select both e-pub and pdf e-books. To select both of them, hold down the Ctrl key while at the same time click on both of the formats
Your date range would be the same as explained above for the checkouts report
Sort: Up to you
Click OK to submit and retrieve your stats! 

3) Which categories of ebooks does your library currently offer users? Check all that apply. As a consortium we offer: epub and pdf ebooks

4) What are your top three circulating or most requested fiction ebook categories? (Please select up to three)  Run the report  View Activity Charts  “Check outs by subject” While Overdrive sometimes gives a several subject headings for a “fiction” book, this still will give some general trends. As a consortium (“All Branches” selected) our top subjects are:  1.  Romance 2.  Mystery and 3.  Literature.
The next question asks the same for non-fiction. For the consortium our results are: 1. Biography,     2.  History and 3. Business

5) If possible, please identify three age groups you perceive to be the most active ebook users in your library. You may check up to three choices. There is not a report on content reserve at this time that allows you do a search for your users age. You'll have to answer this one to the best of your judgment (-:

6) In which format do users generally prefer ebooks? Check all that apply. 
For this one, you'll want to use the Turn Overrate charts Report  and run it for both e-pub and pdf       e-books. For the consortium both epub and pdf e-books are just about equally popular

7) What ebook usage license model is currently employed at your library? Check all that apply.  For our consortium it is Single ebook use at a time 

8) What is the circulation interval for ebooks at your library? Check all that apply. For our consortium it is 7 and 14 days 

 9) Do you allow library customers to place holds on downloadable ebooks? For our consortium the answer is Yes!

10) Do you ever purchase extra digital copies to fulfill ebook holds? For our consortium yes we do

11) Do you have a set holds-to-copy ratio for ebooks? 
 For our consortium, if there are more than 10 holds on an item we will normally buy an additional copy. 


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