26 August 2011

Overdrive's Courses: Online, Anytime.

Each year GMLC offers several live Overdrive web trainings for members.  These are great and we always recommend you try and take them because you can ask questions.

But if you or your staff haven't been able to attend these, you might want to try Overdrive's Courses: Online,  Anytime.
These are recorded trainings so librarians can take them on their own time and pace. You can fast forward through parts you already know or go backwards if you would like some more information.
These are available all the time, but if you take them this month you can win prizes, woohoo!

While you can take all of the trainings if you would like, the three I would recommend  taking are: Just the Basics, Real-Time Reports and Patron Assistance.

24 August 2011

Getting the message: Problem with Documents License: > E_ADEPT_CORE_LOAN_SIGNATURE"

If you get the message: Problem with Documents License: >E_ADEPT_CORE_LOAN_SIGNATURE" overdrive recommends that you do the following:

You will have to download the eBook again, but first:

1. Delete the title from Adobe Digital Editions and close the application.
2. Do a search on the computer and delete any instance of the title.
Check Documents | My Digital Editions.
3. Delete the contents of both the "tasks" and "failed" folders located
in the folder: Documents | My Digital Editions | restore
4. Clear the web browser cache and any temporary internet files. Consult
the web browser's help files for instructions for that specific browser.
(This step is extremely important.)
5. Close and reopen the browser.
6. Download the title again.


New Board Meeting Date

Due to attendance issues the GMLC Board Meeting scheduled for this Friday, August 26th at 11:00 AM has been changed to Friday, September 9th at 11:00 AM.  We will be meeting virtually using GoToMeeting so please email me for login information.

I will be using the Friday, August 26th, 11:00 AM meeting slot as a general information session on GMLC and our projects:  ListenUp! Vermont, VOKAL, & Mango.  Please let anyone know who is interested in attending to contact me for login information.

Mary       HartlandDir {at} vermontel.net


08 August 2011

Article on the future of books & e-books

Hi Everyone,

Below is an itneresting article from the Telegrah about the furture of of printed books and e-books. The author argues that soon e-book will reign supreme over the physical book. Read it and decide for yourself! Please feel free to comment- I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!



04 August 2011

Yesterday's Training Follow Up

For those of you who were unable to attend yesterday's Browse, Checkout, Download Training, I have provided a link below that will give you the archived version of it that you can attend at your convenience. While I encourage all of you to attend, this training is especially important for new members of Listen Up! Vermont.

Here is the login information for Green Mountain Library Consortium

Login: greenmountain.midas.preview
Password: m3diaforall

You may check out titles using your own library card. 


Course Description:  Learn how to browse, check out, and download OverDrive media. At the end of this course, staff should feel comfortable answering basic questions about your OverDrive service.
Listen to a recording:  This class has been recorded so you can share with other staff or use for future training:  https://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=felaj6

The recording will be saved for 30 days.
OverDrive’s Learning Center:  Our resource center for presentations, recordings, and materials:  http://www.overdrive.com/learningcenter
  • Download a copy of today’s presentation.
  • Learn about other OverDrive courses.
  • View our Mobile Update recording. 
  • Download the How-To Guide for eBooks.
  • Download our Patron Training Template.
  • Link to our Marketing Kit.

OverDrive Download Station: For more information on OverDrive Download Station, please contact your Launch Specialist at OverDrive, [Simon Miller, smiller@overdrive.com].  

Have fun with Green Mountain Library Consortium, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I’m here to help.

New MANGO links

For those of you who participate in both Listen Up! and Mango:

There are now new links to Mango using the new ezproxy server. Please go to the Mango page and test your new links to Mango because we will be shutting down the old server at Middlebury College soon.  Also be sure to update any additional places you might have placed your Mango link.

E-reader ownership Rises

Hi Everyone!

I thought you might interested to hear this: since November 2010 (ironically when we added e-books to our LUV collection) e-reader ownership among adults living in the United States has doubled. In that month, 6% of adults owned them, and as of May 2011, 12% now own them. Here in beautiful state of Vermont, our checkout numbers have also increased with a similar if not greater speed. In November there were 135 checkouts of e-books, and as of July 31, they have risen to 1319. You can take a look at our stats more specifically by going to Content Reserve, click on reports, and selecting activity charts.

If you would like to read further into the surge of e-reader ownership, you get more info by going to: