24 August 2011

Getting the message: Problem with Documents License: > E_ADEPT_CORE_LOAN_SIGNATURE"

If you get the message: Problem with Documents License: >E_ADEPT_CORE_LOAN_SIGNATURE" overdrive recommends that you do the following:

You will have to download the eBook again, but first:

1. Delete the title from Adobe Digital Editions and close the application.
2. Do a search on the computer and delete any instance of the title.
Check Documents | My Digital Editions.
3. Delete the contents of both the "tasks" and "failed" folders located
in the folder: Documents | My Digital Editions | restore
4. Clear the web browser cache and any temporary internet files. Consult
the web browser's help files for instructions for that specific browser.
(This step is extremely important.)
5. Close and reopen the browser.
6. Download the title again.


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