29 September 2011

OverDrive courses!

There are 2 NEW great OverDrive courses you (or someone on your staff should take :>)

2011 OVERDRIVE EXPERIENCE - This is all about a fresh experience for digital users … smarter Help, faster searches, expanded collections, and simplified choices. Learn how you can guide excited users to a successful experience.

EBOOK EXPLOSION - This is the year of the eBook, and mobile devices, mobile apps and Kindle are hot. We'll showcase all the latest OverDrive features, services, and materials to help your library successfully navigate eBook lending.

Sign up here: http://www.overdrive.com/LearningCenter/registration.aspx

Also, remember there are many basic OverDrive courses you an take online, anytime! 

Right now, completing some of these will get you into a raffle drawing.

NEWLY added course:  Kindle Demo (15 min.)


27 September 2011

Link FAQ for Kindle

You might find this link by the Oklahoma Metropolitan Library System helpful regarding Kindle FAQs:



24 September 2011

23 September 2011

How to return a Kindle eBook early

1.  An eBook checked out on the Kindle is returned through Amazon.  Go to www.Amazon.com and from the Kindle menu on the left, select "Manage Your Kindle."

2.  Sign in to your Amazon account.

3.  Selection "Actions" dropdown menu next to the book you want to return.
(Tip:  the words "Public Library" will appear next to any library eBooks)

4.From the menu, select "Return this book."

5.  Select "Yes" on the pop up to return the book.

6.  After you return the book, it will still show in Your Kindle Library list.  To remove it from the list, select "Actions" again and from the drop down menu select "Delete from library."

Adapted from:  http://www.slideshare.net/WakeCountyPublicLibraries/how-to-return-a-kindle-ebook-early

22 September 2011

Library eBooks for the Kindle are here!

And checking them out is as easy as pie!

You can check out an eBook for Kindles just like you check out all your OverDrive materials.  When you get to the final step you'll be directed to click on "Get for Kindle" link. You will then be directed to Amazon.com to redeem your public library loan. You may be required to login to your Amazon.com account -- or create a new account -- if you're not already logged in.  Choose to read the book on your Kindle device, free reading app, or Kindle Cloud Reader.

You can read borrowed Kindle books on any generation Kindle device or all free Kindle apps, as well as in your web browser with Kindle Cloud Reader. 

Note: Public library books require an active Wi-Fi connection for wireless delivery to a Kindle device. Library books will not be delivered via your Kindle's 3G connection. If trying to send to a Kindle device and do not have an active Wi-Fi connection, you may instead choose to load your library book via USB. Both Mac and Windows users can manage Kindle content through a USB connection.



21 September 2011

More Kindle/OverDrive questions answered!

Some libraries in the US already are seeing Kindle compatibility.  We expect ListenUp! Vermont to be updated by next week.

There will be no extra costs charged by OverDrive.

OverDrive Kindle books from your library are only permitted for the patron who checked out the title.


Kindle compatibility!

We’ve all been waiting to hear how Kindle will work with Overdrive.

The new update should be coming in about a week or so.  Here are a few details about the update that we know so far:

  1. The new update allows most existing OverDrive eBooks to be read on all Kindle devices or by using free Kindle apps on iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, and other mobile devices.  (a few titles may not be compatible for a bit.)

  1. All browsing, searching, and checkout of eBook titles will remain the same
at our website. When a user checks out a Kindle Book, a "Get for Kindle" link will be presented that opens a new window (or tab) at Amazon prompting the user to login to their Amazon account. Fulfillment will occur at Amazon's website.

  1. There will now only be one format! Instead of ePub, PDF and Kindle formats folks will only see the one format:  eBook. Each eBook unit will provide users access to all available eBook formats for that title. The user will choose the format compatible with their eReader or device. 

For example, if Listen Up! Vermont has three total copies of The Help in any eBook format, The Help will show three copies, available for use with Kindle and all devices that support EPUB or PDF.

There are still a few questions we have and we’re waiting to get some answers.  We’ll post when we know more.

For the complete press release go to: http://tinyurl.com/3t8froh

Apologies for any cross postings.  MD

19 September 2011

2012 agreement link not functioning correctly

Hi Everyone,

We have received word that the link in your 2012 GMLC membership agreement is not working correctly. Please be patient as we work on resolving the problem. When the link is functional I will send you it via email.

Thanks again for your patience, 


16 September 2011

Website Redirect

Please note that if your patrons do not type in the full web address, www.listenupvermont.org, they may be redirected to a system error page. For now you must type in the "www."  We are in the process of fixing this and hopefully will have it fixed soon.  Thank you for your patience.  MD

13 September 2011

VOKAL Open House Thursday

There will be a VOKAL Open House on Thursday, September 15 from 1-3pm at the Norwich Public Library in Norwich, VT for anyone interested in learning more about the VOKAL Koha system (a project of the Green Mountain Library Consortium). We will be giving a brief introduction about the VOKAL project, demonstrating the VOKAL Koha ILS and then have time for anyone with a laptop interested in trying it out.
We have had a very busy year developing the VOKAL consortium and are fast approaching our first anniversary in September of going live with the shared VOKAL Koha ILS system! Currently 21 libraries are circulating over 4,000 items/day in the VOKAL system. 6 libraries are scheduled through the end of the year to migrate into the system, 2 non-automated libraries are cataloging in preparation of go live this fall and a few others gearing up to begin their automation process into VOKAL. We have 12 migration slots open for 2012 and looking forward to welcoming more libraries into the VOKAL community!
If you would like more information about VOKAL, please visit our public site: https://sites.google.com/site/vokalvtpublic/. If you are unable to make the this open house, but would be interested in attending a virtual open house later this fall or winter to learn more about VOKAL Koha, please email the VOKAL Implementation Team at vokal_implementation_team@googlegroups.com.

Wendy Hysko

03 September 2011

eBook Checkouts continue to rise

Hi everyone!

I thought that you might like to know that our eBook checkouts have continued to rise since we added them in November. The chart above shows us just how much they have increased, going from 135 in November 2010 to 1442 in August 2011.

Keep up the great work everyone! Remember if you need some promotional materials, please let me know. Plenty of bookmarks and posters are still available!