23 September 2011

How to return a Kindle eBook early

1.  An eBook checked out on the Kindle is returned through Amazon.  Go to www.Amazon.com and from the Kindle menu on the left, select "Manage Your Kindle."

2.  Sign in to your Amazon account.

3.  Selection "Actions" dropdown menu next to the book you want to return.
(Tip:  the words "Public Library" will appear next to any library eBooks)

4.From the menu, select "Return this book."

5.  Select "Yes" on the pop up to return the book.

6.  After you return the book, it will still show in Your Kindle Library list.  To remove it from the list, select "Actions" again and from the drop down menu select "Delete from library."

Adapted from:  http://www.slideshare.net/WakeCountyPublicLibraries/how-to-return-a-kindle-ebook-early

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