06 November 2011

LUV Marc Records into SirsiDynix Symphony Workflows

Hi Everyone!

If your library has SirsiDynix Symphony Workflows you may find the following instructions helpful for loading MARC records from LUV into it.  A big thank you to goes to Patti Hardenburg at the Lebanon Public Libraries in New Hampshire and Sheila Kearns here in Vermont. Thank you also to Ed Graves Library for putting this list together!

How to get MARC records from GMLC into SirsiDynix Symphony Workflows
1.      Go to GMLC blog (http://vtaudiobooks.blogspot.com/) and select files from Box widget to download. 

      Download and save. This is a batch of MARC records. Ed has been doing this as time allows and keeping track of what has been downloaded.
             Next open MARCedit, and select the MARCeditor tool. Open the .mrk file you just downloaded, select “Add/Delete field” from the Tools menu, and enter 949 and the following copy/holdings information into the adjacent field: |aDOWNLOADABLE|c1|hDOWNLOAD|kDOWNLOAD|mMAIN|p0.00|tDOWNLOAD
3.      Select “Add Field”
      Save the file as both a .mrc file and a .txt file in case you are working from a computer without a MARC tool.
5.      In Workflows, select “Utility” from the top menu, and then “MARC Import” from the left menu.
      Select “OK” at the bottom to accept defaults.
       In the “Source” field, attach your .mrc file that you’d like to upload, and type in “other.marc” into the “destination”.
        Upload your MARC records. “Yes” the diskette is ready, “No” there are no more uploads.
                Then go to the “Reports” tab at the top navigation, and “Schedule New Reports” from the left menu.
        Scroll down to “Load Bibliographic Records” and select “Set Up and Schedule” from the bottom, then 

      “Run Now,” then “Display finished reports”.
       If your path is configured right, you should be able to see the records that were imported. If it is not, open the .txt file you saved as a backup.
       Now go through the list of new records, the titles you have imported, and for each one, using the “Modify Title” tool under the Cataloging module, make changes to the 099 field of the Bibliographic record, and the Call number, Item ID, Home location, Item Cat 1 and Item Cat 2 in the Call Number/Item record to reflect the following local conventions:
Call Number (to match 099 field): DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK or DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO
Item ID: Assign number based on the date and then a consecutive digit. If a record was added 11/5/2011 and it was the 5th item you added, the Item ID would be 11520115.
Home Location: DOWNLOAD
Item Cat 1: MP3, WMA, EPUB, or PDF (you can tell what the file type is by looking at the 020 field, the 856 field in the bib record, or the Listen Up! Vermont catalog)

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