25 February 2011

Take Note

Something to be aware of...



23 February 2011

New Feature to Listen Up Site

Click on the following link for information on the new "My Help" feature that overdrive will be putting up on our site in the coming days.


You can even play around with this feature by clicking the my help icon on the following page:


If you have any questions or comments with it once it is live on our site, please let me know so I can contact Overdrive.


17 February 2011

We have bookmarks! UPDATED USPS prices have gone up!

Please disregard my February 2 post

We have received new bookmarks with cows on them (who doesn't like cows!) from overdrive. They promote both e-books and audiobooks. I can mail them to you via USPS. $5.20 will get you a USPS flat rate envelope filled with them. Please make checks payable to: United States Postal Service and send them to:

Virgil Fuller
Hartland Public Library
PO Box 137 Hartland, Vermont 05048

I'll do my best to get them out in a timely fashion And don't forget- you can print out posters too! You can find them on the widget.


15 February 2011

i-pad app

Remember when overdrive came out with the app that worked with the i-phone app that worked with the i-pad but wasn't ideal for it? Well they have come out with one that is optimized for the i-pad. You can find details about it here:


With this new app there is bound to be some new questions from our patrons on the horizon, so don't forget to attend the patron assistance training tomorrow so we can answer this and other ones that come across our desks to the best of our abilities!

12 February 2011

Patron Assistance Training Reminder

Just a reminder about the Patron Assistance Training we have with Overdrive on February 16th. Details can be found below. If you have any questions feel free to contact me @ vfuller4@yahoo.com

Can you or your staff answer the following questions?

Are you familiar with the Device Resource Center ?

Do you know how to perform the Windows Media Player Security Upgrade?

Do you know the 3 steps to solve almost any DRM problem?

When a device is not recognized do you know what the most common issue is?

If not, please plan on attending the training outlined below!

Mark your calendar! OverDrive training for Green Mountain Library Consortium.

OverDrive’s Training Team invites you to learn more about your download service from OverDrive. A class has been scheduled for your group, and the details are outlined below. Our expert trainers will answer your questions and provide tips and tricks to help make the most of your ‘Virtual Branch’.

Please plan to attend!


The following course is scheduled. It will be hosted conveniently via web conference.

Patron Assistance: Become an OverDrive Download Library Specialist

Wednesday, February 16th at 3:00 PM EST. Access Code: 5736001.

Description: We'll help take your understanding of your OverDrive service to the next level so you can share your knowledge through support and training. We'll review frequently asked questions, support tips, and online help resources.
Duration: 1 hour.
Who should attend: Project Coordinators, Technical Support, Community Outreach, Training, and Public Service staff.

CONFERENCE SETUP: Please complete all steps below.

The training will be conducted using ReadyTalk, which uses online web sharing and telephone conferencing.

Step 1: Conference testing and setup – At least one day prior to conference

1. Test your computer: Go to http://test.readytalk.com.
· If your computer is setup properly for the conference, you'll see a green circle with a check mark.
· If not, instructions will be provided to install an Adobe Flash Plugin.

2. Internet connection: OverDrive recommends using a hard line Internet connection rather than a wireless connection.

3. Audio connection:
· A speaker phone is recommended for the audio conference.
· If your location wishes to attend but cannot dial in due to limited phone lines, please contact your OverDrive Project Manager for additional information.
· ReadyTalk allows up to 96 locations to call in to each training.

4. Location: For the benefit of others on the call, please choose a quiet location for your training.

Step 2: Web Conference Login – 10 to 15 minutes before the training begins

1. Make a note of the ReadyTalk access code listed in this email for the date and time you are attending (from 'Conference Details').
2. Open your Internet browser and go to: www.readytalk.com.
3. Locate the 'Join a Meeting' box. Enter your access code.
4. Next, Ready Talk will display the 'Participant Registration' screen. Please enter your information as prompted, and our staff will send follow-up information after the call.

Step 3: Audio Conference Login (required for audio) – 5 minutes before the training begins

1. Make a note of the ReadyTalk access code listed in this email for the date and time you are attending (from 'Conference Details').
2. Dial the appropriate number from your touch-tone phone.

Participants within US / Canada: 1.866.740.1260 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1.866.740.1260 end_of_the_skype_highlightingOther participants outside North America: Look up the International Toll-Free number for your location at http://www.readytalk.com/support. To complete the look-up, enter your ReadyTalk access code.

3. When prompted by the audio conference, enter your ReadyTalk access code.

08 February 2011

Reactivation Instructions

I've put a word doc with screenshots showing how to reactivate downloads in the widget. Please feel free to access these when the need arises!