27 April 2011

A good summary of Kindle/Overdrive

Kindle Library Lending and OverDrive

Amazon and OverDrive announced the Kindle Library Lending program, which will enable Kindle customers to borrow and enjoy eBooks from our library, school, and college partners in the United States. The program is scheduled for launch later this year, and will significantly increase the value of the investment your library has made in OverDrive.Kindle

Many of you will receive inquiries about this new program, so here is a brief introduction to what can be expected when this launches:

* The Kindle Library Lending program will integrate into your existing OverDrive-powered 'Virtual Branch' website.

* Your existing collection of downloadable eBooks will be available to Kindle customers. As you add new eBooks to your collection, those titles will also be available for lending to Kindle and Kindle reading apps. Your library will NOT need to purchase any additional units or formats to have Kindle compatibility. This will work for your existing eBook titles.

* A user will be able to browse for titles on any desktop or mobile operating system, check out a title with a library card, and then select Kindle as the delivery destination. The borrowed title can then be enjoyed using any Kindle device and all of Amazon's free Kindle reading apps.

* The Kindle eBook titles borrowed from a library will carry the same rules and policies as all our other eBooks.

* The Kindle Library Lending program will support publishers' existing lending models.

* Your users' confidential information will be protected.

* The Kindle Library Lending program is only available for libraries, schools, and colleges in the United States.

We're excited that our library, school, and college partners will be able to provide Kindle customers with access to eBooks from their digital collections. We look forward to providing you with more information on the launch of the Kindle Library Lending program as it becomes available.

21 April 2011

WMA audiobooks, Overdrive media console and Windows 7

Have you or your patrons been having trouble updating the Overdrive media console on your computer? If so, there is a fix. To preform the update, go to:


Follow the prompts and the update should take effect. Remember, you have to be using internet explorer for the update to work.

If you tried that, and it still does not work, overdrive recommends the following:

1. Stop the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.

For step 1 - control panel
admin tools
WMP Network Sharing Service - clicked "stop"

2. Download the ResetDRM tool from Microsoft:

3. Right-click ResetDRM.exe, and then click Run as administrator to
reset the Windows Media DRM

Important The ResetDRM tool deletes all existing Windows Media DRM
licenses on your current installation of Windows 7.

The ResetDRM tool should only be used if all Windows Media DRM content
playback is nonfunctional.

Note: After the following process is complete, you will have to
reacquire DRM licenses for your Windows 7-based computer. This can be
done by downloading the content again after upgrading the security in
the next step.

4. Manually install the DRM Security Update again for OverDrive by
running Internet Explorer as administrator and going to the following site:



20 April 2011

Big news!

The big news of today has been a recent statement from Amazon.com that the KINDLE will now work with overdrive. Below you will find the Amazon's press release, Overdrive's press release, an a article from Library Journal explaining all the finer points. Future information on this will soon follow but I wanted all of you to be aware of this news



Library Journal

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions reguarding this by emailing me at vtaudiobooks gmail.com or by commenting on this post

13 April 2011

eBook Article in Seven Days

Check out this recent article in Seven Days:
Vermont's Independent Voice
(Be sure to read all the way to the end!)
  Print Versus Pixels: Should green-minded readers switch to e-books?


$99 Nook- Today only!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that http://www.woot.com/ is having a one day $99 sale on the barnes and noble nook. It comes with 3G and Wi-Fi access. Normally this model is $149, so if you want one, you may not get a better deal than this!

Happy shopping!


11 April 2011

Browse, Check Out, Download Training

Hi everyone! Please try to attend the training outlined below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me @ vtaudiobooks gmail.com

Can everyone on your staff download e-books and audiobooks? If not, managers...give time and incentives to your employees to learn how to use this valuable service!

Browse, Check Out, Download Training

Date: Tuesday May 10th at 10am eastern.

To login into this training go to: www.readytalk.com and click on the "Join Meeting" box.

 Enter the access code: 5736011

To receive audio of this conference, call the number: 1.866.740.1260

09 April 2011

Checkouts for March

I just wanted to let you all know that we had a substantial increase in e-book checkouts for the month of March. For the month, we had 1,043 checkouts, compared to 785 for the month of February.

As for audiobooks, we had 2,753 checkouts in March, up from 2,465 in February. Our total circulation for the month was 4,227.

Also, don't forget about the e-book Gutenberg titles! They don't count against the three item checkout limit.

Keep up the AWESOME work everyone!


BlackBerry App

Do you or your patrons want to read e-books on your BlackBerry? Well, you are in luck! Overdrive just came out with a BlackBerry app that supports direct EPUB downloads to your phone! It works in a very similar way that the Android and iphone apps do. For more information click here


Error message: Loan info is wrong

If your patrons get the following error message on their e-reader: “Loan info is wrong”

Be sure to have them do the following:

First, check to see if the device is compatible with overdrive e-books by having them go to the following links

Compatible devices: http://www.overdrive.com/resources/drc/Default.aspx?type=ebook
Incompatible devices: http://www.overdrive.com/resources/drc/Incompatibledevices.aspx

If their device is not listed on the compatible page or is listed as incompatible, they will not be able get e-books on their reader

Secondly, if their device is listed as compatible, have them verify that the date and time on both their computer and device are one in the same. If they are not, have them change it so that it is.


06 April 2011

Content Reserve on Firefox

As you may or may not know, Content Reserve is only compatible with Internet Explorer. If you're anything like me, you like to have as few windows open as possible, and you find internet explorer, well, just not as good as Firefox. The good new is, there is an add-on that you can install on Firefox that allows you to run internet explorer in the same window, in an alternate tab. To install this AWESOME add-on for Firefox, Click here. Once you are there, select the green button that says "Add to Firefox". 



01 April 2011

Great "how to" video to share with your patrons!

Below you will find a link for a video showing how to get the OMC app on your i-phone and how to browse, checkout and download e-books onto it. Please share it with your patrons who have apple mobile devices!

How to download e-books on i-phone video

Hope you find this helpful!