31 January 2012

Return audiobooks early on Android, BlackBerry, iOS & Windows Phone 7!

There's some new features on the latest Overdrive Media Console for Android, BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone®/iPad®/iPod touch®) & Windows Phone 7

  • Dictionary look-up: Define words and impress your friends with your expanding vocabulary (Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone only. It's in the works for iOS).
  • Return audiobooks: Finally! Return audiobooks as soon as you finish listening so you can explore the next one. Don’t forget you can do the same with eBooks!
  • Audiobook sleep timer: Set the timer and your book shuts off when you do.
  • eBook orientation lock: Enable this setting, and you can rock without the roll!

How do I return EPUB eBooks and MP3 Audiobooks using OverDrive Media Console v2.4 (or newer)?
On Android…
  1. From the bookshelf, tap the ‘+’ icon next to an eBook or audiobook, then tap ‘Return/Delete’.
  2. Tap ‘Return then Delete’.
    The book is both returned and deleted from your device.

On BlackBerry…
  1. From the bookshelf, select the title you would like to return, then push the BlackBerry button.
  2. Select ‘Return/Delete’.
  3. Select ‘Return then Delete’.
    The book is both returned and deleted from your device.

On iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)…
  1. From the bookshelf, tap the ‘+’ icon next to an eBook or audiobook, then tap ‘Return/Delete’.
  2. Tap ‘Return then Delete’.
    The book is both returned and deleted from your device.

On Windows Phone…
  1. From the bookshelf, tap and hold an eBook or audiobook, then tap ‘return/delete’.
  2. Tap ‘Return then Delete’.
    The book is both returned and deleted from your device.

19 January 2012

Encourage Patrons to Use the Holds Feature

We've seen a post holiday spike in eBook downloads which is what we expected.  It is important to note though that our average wait for holds is only 12 days.  This isn't too bad considering the demand for the popular titles.

If your patron is asking about availability of titles remember to point out that some titles are not available due to publisher's restrictions and that using the Holds feature for titles we do own works wonderfully.

When an item is put on hold patrons are asked to give an email address.  Hold notifications are sent to that email and folks have 3 days to download a title.  Having several titles in one's Holds queue is a good practice.


17 January 2012

Overdrive Compatible Devices

So many devices!  Just what works?  Be sure to refer to the Overdrive Devices page: http://www.overdrive.com/resources/drc/  

Last week I had a patron who wanted to play MP3s through his GPS.  While his GPS is an MP3 player, the management of the files couldn't be done.  There is a way to test files, too.  Just go down the page to the "Test a Device for Compatibility" section.  MD

12 January 2012

Brilliance Audio No Longer Available with Overdrive

We've heard a lot in the news lately about publishers and eBook library lending.  As you know Simon & Schuster and Macmillan do not provide eBooks for library lending at all; Harper Collins only allows a 26 checkout liscense model. Now we've just heard that Brilliance Audio is no longer working with Overdrive.  Here is the announcement:
Effective January 31, 2012, as instructed by the publisher, BrillianceAudio will suspend the availability of all download audiobook titles for library purchase across all vendors. This change does not affect any titles currently in your library's catalog. You will not, however, be able to add any additional copies.

If you have questions or comments, you can reach BrillianceAudio directly at AskSales@brillianceaudio.com or 800.648.2312.

Please consider contacting BrillianceAudio to let them know how important providing downloadable audios for library lending is.

P.S.  Guess who owns Brilliance Audio?  Amazon.  Read this article for this author's insights:


 A big hearty welcome to Judy Russell, Director of the Fairlee Public Library, as our new ListenUp! Vermont Coordinator!  Please be patient as she learns the ropes of this volunteer job.

As usual, direct your ListenUp!Vermont questions to vtaudiobooks@gmail.com

This is a really good time to be reminded that your library should be the front line for answering downloading technical questions.  How do you ensure that you’re prepared to do so?  Here are some tips for you and your staff:

  • Be educated on how to install necessary software/apps to download content (audio and eBooks) and how to download titles on to a variety of devices, including both PC and Mac computers.

  • Know the common downloading issues people have.  For example, Windows Media Security Upgrade, incorrect time on their computer, mistakes in the browser’s history/cache, incorrectly typed-in barcodes or emails, using a variety of emails for holds notices, etc.

  • Use the help page on the www.ListenupVermont.org site for software help and trouble shooting many commonly asked questions.

  • Know how to reset holds on a patrons account

Apologies for any cross postings

10 January 2012

05 January 2012

Overdrive Online Support Form

You should have all received an email from Overdrive today regarding support through Content Reserve.

If you've helped a patron with their tech support problem and think it is an Overdrive issue, you may now contact them through the Content Reserve Online Support form.  After logging into Content Reserve, go to the Support page and then click on the button at the bottom of the page:

You'll then be taken to this online form to fill out and submit.
(*Of course we hope you've looked over the blog and tried all the usual fixes first.  Usually a simple restart can fix most problems.  :> )