19 January 2012

Encourage Patrons to Use the Holds Feature

We've seen a post holiday spike in eBook downloads which is what we expected.  It is important to note though that our average wait for holds is only 12 days.  This isn't too bad considering the demand for the popular titles.

If your patron is asking about availability of titles remember to point out that some titles are not available due to publisher's restrictions and that using the Holds feature for titles we do own works wonderfully.

When an item is put on hold patrons are asked to give an email address.  Hold notifications are sent to that email and folks have 3 days to download a title.  Having several titles in one's Holds queue is a good practice.



BH said...

I think you should try to be consistent with the language used on the Listenup website. I find no mention of "hold" or "holds", only "wishlist" and "waitlist".
Some folks have a hard enough time with the ebook thing. Using different names only adds to the confusion.

Listen Up! Vermont said...

You're absolutely right. I should have said use the "join waiting list" feature. Thank you!

Ms Gross said...

I see the Listen up server seems to be down. Any estimate on when it will be back online.

Listen Up! Vermont said...

We're having a bit of trouble with the redirect right now. If you type in the address bar: www.listenupvermont.org

you should be ok. Sorry for any inconvenience.