21 May 2012

'12-'13 DCF Nominees - Title Update

See the '12-'13 list here!

Unfortunately, OverDrive does not offer all the titles on the fabulous new DCF nominee list at this time. I have compiled a list of content currently available at listenupvermont.org below and will continue to amend the list as the titles become available. I will soon do the same with Red Clover and GMBA titles. You may always email vtaudiobooks with your questions about specific titles &/or award nominees--or any other content for that matter!

YES--Already own &/or purchased 5/16/12

  • Lemonade Crime (ordered 2 eBooks)
  • Cheshire Cheese Cat (ordered 1 WMA audio)
  • R My Name is Rachel (ordered 2 WMA audios)
  • Small as an Elephant (ordered 2 eBooks)
  • Heart and Soul (own 1, bought 1 WMA audio)
  • When Life Gives You O.J. (bought 1 eBook)
  • A Dog's Way Home (bought 1 WMA audio--available 6/26/12--title will appear in library for holds, but not available till 6/26)
  • Bluefish (bought 2 eBooks)
  • Okay for Now (own 1 eBook and 1 WMA audio)
  • Storm Runners, Book 1 (bought 1 WMA audio--will prob. buy Books 2 & 3 soon)
  • The Running Dream (own 1 eBook and 1 WMA audio)
  • Water Balloon (bought 1 eBook)

NO--Not available through OverDrive as of 5/16/12--will continue to check

  • City of Orphans
  • Close to Famous
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Troublemaker
  • Titanic Sinks!
  • Amelia Lost
  • Hidden
  • Addie on the Inside
  • Inside Out and Back Again
  • Waiting for the Magic
  • The Apothecary
  • The Flint Heart
  • Drawing from Memory
  • Wonderstruck
  • The Great Wall of Lucy Lu
  • Silver Bowl
  • The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman
  • Warp Speed

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