25 July 2012

OverDrive training for Green Mountain Library Consortium

Mark your calendar!  OverDrive training for Green Mountain Library Consortium

OverDrive’s Training Team invites you to learn more about your download service from OverDrive.  A class has been scheduled for your group, and the details are outlined below.  Our expert trainers will answer your questions and provide tips and tricks to help make the most of your ‘Virtual Branch’. 

Please plan to attend!


The following course is scheduled.  It will be hosted conveniently via web conference.

Just the Basics:  Browse, Check Out, Download

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 10:00 AM Eastern  Access Code: 5736194

Description:  Learn how to browse, check out, and download OverDrive media.  At the end of this course, staff should feel comfortable answering basic questions about your OverDrive service.
Duration:  1.5 hours.
Who should attend:  All staff.

The trainer will be prepared to begin your training at the start time listed in this invite. If you need to reschedule your session, please provide 24 hours notice. If no attendees are present by 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, I will provide you a recording of the session to share with your staff.

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