07 September 2012

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06 September 2012


Well, now we've gone and done it. As of today, we have surpassed our 2011 record for total checkouts of all available formats in a 12-month period--and we did it in nine months! Yup. Take a look at this:

We owe a debt of gratitude to our member libraries, our partners at OverDrive, the founders and current Board of the Green Mountain Library Consortium, the Listen Up! Vermont Committee (past and present), the Vermont Department of Libraries and the State of Vermont for their financial support, and especially to our fabulous patrons throughout the state! (I suppose some thanks ought to go to E.L. James, too :)
The numbers are flabergasting. Despite all the challenges laid before us by uncertain publishers, the myriad devices and applications we and our users have had to learn to operate (and troubleshoot), and the inevitable time constraints of committed but busy volunteers, Listen Up! Vermont has, I'd say, surpassed expectations.
What's next? You tell us! Click on the image below to learn more about these trends nationwide. And, CONGRATULATIONS. Nicely done!
Welcome to the future of reading!


AudioFile Reviews now on ListenUp!Vermont website

AudioFile Reviews are now available on the Listen Up! Vermont website. Thanks to OverDrive, this resource has been provided to us free of charge.

AudioFile, the only magazine devoted to audio books, is indispensable for anyone who enjoys spoken-word audio, with more than 100 audio book reviews in each issue. To see how these reviews render at the website, click here and look just below the Description of the audiobook.

As a reminder, AudioFile reviews are subjective; the reviews do not always provide positive reviews of given audio book titles. OverDrive does not edit or filter the reviews in any way.

For more about AudioFile, visit the website at www.AudioFileMagazine.com.