06 September 2012

AudioFile Reviews now on ListenUp!Vermont website

AudioFile Reviews are now available on the Listen Up! Vermont website. Thanks to OverDrive, this resource has been provided to us free of charge.

AudioFile, the only magazine devoted to audio books, is indispensable for anyone who enjoys spoken-word audio, with more than 100 audio book reviews in each issue. To see how these reviews render at the website, click here and look just below the Description of the audiobook.

As a reminder, AudioFile reviews are subjective; the reviews do not always provide positive reviews of given audio book titles. OverDrive does not edit or filter the reviews in any way.

For more about AudioFile, visit the website at www.AudioFileMagazine.com.

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Myrtle Welch said...

No Easy Day - Audio Book Review

No Easy Day is a ‘boots on the ground’ first hand account of the mission to get Osama Bin Laden from a Navy Seal who confronted the terrorist mastermind and witnessed his final moments.
This is a gripping story - not only of the Bin Laden raid but also of the years and demanding work by the SEALS that led up to it. This is not just excellent for the annuls of history - it also an account about how winners think. It is a great insight into the heads of people like ‘Owen’ who look at challenges completely differently than the average person.
The story is a straight forward and simple read, not too much depth or descriptive detail. However, the flow of the book is good and it informs the general public on what it takes to become a SEAL and how difficult it is to actually be one. The Audio CD is the unabridged edition of the book.
For your listening pleasure, your buying choices are Audio Book, Audio CD or Kindle. More information is available at;