07 September 2012

Take advantage of OverDrive's Training Month!

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great resources for staff and patron training this month.


landscapelady said...

can you point me in the right direction for help with downloading problems - I have downloaded audio books so I know how to do it - my question is this - when I search for a certain book (in this case it is Still Life by Louise Penny) my library (south burlington community) says that listen up vermont has it but when I search on listenupvermont or the overdrive app it does not show having it.
none of the folks at the library seem to be versed in how listen up vermont works - they had no idea about any of it. thanks very much
please reply to mcquilts@hotmail.com or if you can just comment here, I will email follow up comments to my email

landscapelady said...

now that's weird, I just tried searching again, this time on my regular computer not my ipod that I had been using and found the book. possiblly searches don't do well on mobile devices as my ipad didn't find it either. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

landscapelady said...

ok, so now I'm trying to download on my computer to itunes to get onto my ipod , have installed overmedia etc and it is not working! frustration is building and I am giving up now:-(
I have 3 books in whats out and don't see where to delete them and cant play any of them.

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