26 December 2013

New December Ebooks and Audio Book files available

Happy Holidays!
I have uploaded the December Ebooks and Audio Book files!
They are filed in "dec audio" and "dec ebook".

Kelly McElligott
Stowe Free Library

22 November 2013

November Ebook and Audio book Records

Happy Friday,
I have uploaded the November ebook and audio book records - they are listed as
audio nov
ebooks nov part1
ebooks nov part2

Happy Thanksgiving!
Kelly  McElligott
Stowe Free Library

28 October 2013

New Audio and Ebooks Uploaded for the month of October

We have uploaded new Marc files for audio and ebooks for the month of October.  The file is listed as Audiobooks October and October ebooks in the file listed as October within the file Listen up Vermont.

03 October 2013

Helping patrons using Content Reserve.

Hi lovely librarians (and patrons) of Vermont-

Just wanted to keep you informed on some ways you can help your patrons using Content Reserve. 

In order to start you must have a Content Reserve login. This was sent to you when you signed up for Listen Up! Vermont. If you have lost your login, you should email vtaudiobooks (at) gmail (dot) com and I can send you an email with login instructions. 

Login to www.contentreserve.com  
Click the Support tab at the top right part of the blue banner. 

Managing Holds
 Note: this tool does allow you to move a patron up and down on a holds list. You should NOT use this feature with consulting with the LUV Coordinator. Again if there is a problem with a patron's holds- email Lyndsey, do not move holds independently.

The only reason to use this tool independently is to cancel a patron's holds on a title. (You shouldn't really need to do this because patrons can do it themselves on their Holds page). 
Type their barcode, email address or the title of the book they want to remove.  

To cancel a hold, click the little pencil edit button and click Remove hold. 

Return Titles
Finally there is a way we can return books if a patron clicks the wrong format! Those of you who have patrons that exclusively use Kindles but have accidentally checked out ePub eBooks know what a big deal this is! Patrons do not have a way to do this yet but you can help them. 

Again input the patron's barcode, email or title of the book they have out.

Click on the title they want to return and click the return button. Confirm that this is truly the book they want to return.

Resetting Downloads
If you or your patrons have ever seen this error message: "The fulfillment limit (3) for the requested title has been reached." You may have been frustrated. Overdrive only allows patrons to try to download an audio book 3 times before locking down. 

You can reset the downloads for your patrons if this happens. Just click on reset downloads and input your patrons information. 

If you need to reset a user's download, search for the item then click View next to the title. 

The 'Checkout Details' page opens; click Reactivate. 
If you don't see a Reactivate button, either the download link is still active or the title has been returned to the library.

I hope this helps you to assist your patrons better! Please email me if you have any questions or need more assistance!


02 October 2013

Overdrive READS!

HEY Listen Up Vermonters!

Have you tried Overdrive READ yet? It is SO easy... basically the simplest way to show a patron how to read an eBook on our Listen Up Vermont site. And you just need a device with a color screen and access to the internet. No logins- no passwords except for your library card number! So easy!

How do I find OverDrive READ books?

1. Go to listenupvermont.org in your web browser. 
2.  Click the ‘Sign In’ link. Select your library. Type your library card # without spaces. Click ‘Sign In.’
3. Click on any category of eBook (I used All Fiction but really the category doesn't matter. You just want to be looking at only eBooks).
4. In the Format field, choose ‘OverDrive READ.’ 

5. Click ‘Available Now’ if you want something to check out immediately. Otherwise select ‘Library Collection’ to see all titles, including those with waiting lists. 
6. If an eBook is available for immediate checkout, a darkened icon of an open book will display where the page corner is turned down. If the book is unavailable, this icon will be grayed out. (For more information about eBooks you can select the list view in the right top corner of your screen). Click on a book cover to select a book. Click the ‘Borrow’ button. 
9. Click ‘Read in Your Browser.’ Bookmark the page in your web browser for offline viewing.

To view the book offline scroll down on the menu (on the right side of your screen) and click download. Remember to bookmark the book so you can get to it later!

Questions about Overdrive READ:

Why read an eBook in a web browser?
Your eBooks are stored in the cloud, which means you can read across a number of different devices and your eBooks will sync so that you don’t lose your place. Modern web browsers will save the books in the browser cache, so you can read even when you're not connected to the internet. 

What is a web browser, again?
Your web browser is the software you use to browse and search the internet – the most popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari on the desktop, and Safari (on iOS devices) and Chrome on mobile devices. 

Can I read my eBook if I’m not connected to the internet?
Yes! When eBooks are first opened up in a web browser they cache – or save – for offline access. If there are eBooks you think you might want to read offline we recommend you bookmark them in your web browser when you first open them up. If you’re using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can add them to your home screen as web-apps. 

For more help or questions- fill out our contact us form!

30 September 2013

New Marc Records available

I have put more Marc records in the Box.  The file names are :  part2ebooks sept & part2audiobooks sept.

I have now caught up with the records, so you should be up to date.

Kelly McElligott
Stowe Free Library

Digital Lending Models

Working Toward a Fair Digital Lending Model

To add food for thought and hopefully stimulate dialogue that will produce the fairest digital lending model, here are two models that are currently being tried out. One is Oyster, the Netflix-like plan, that I mentioned in last week's blog.

In Sweden, a model of e-book lending has been established whereby publishers receive a payment for each library loan made by a library to a patron. With this revenue model in place, publishers are more willing to engage with libraries for e-book lending. This fee-based transaction business model contrasts with the prevailing US model, where e-book titles are licensed with fees paid up-front. The Swedish model allows unlimited simultaneous lending of a title, while in the US, the models usually impose borrowing restrictions that limit the number of concurrent loans to the number of copies licensed by the library. These differing e-lending frameworks bring different budget management models to the library. In the US, the budget is based on fixed costs controlled by the library as set by the number of titles offered. In the Swedish model, the costs relate to the number of borrowing transactions.
In Sweden, like the United States, publishers decide when and whether to make their e-books available to libraries for lending. In many cases Swedish publishers release their e-books to libraries only when the commercial sales of the title have wound down.

Library Ideas has created Freading after this model (http://www.libraryideas.com/freadingad113011.pdf).

Oyster (Here is the beginning of a piece written for Wired by Liz Stinson)

By now, we’ve all gotten pretty used to not owning stuff—at least in the traditional, hold-it-in-your-hands sense. If you’re anything like me, your DVD collection stopped growing a few years back once Netflix and Hulu bolstered their offerings. And that CD storage stand (hell, even your iTunes account) has probably gathered dust thanks to Spotify and Rdio. But books? Turns out, we’re still content to pay $10 for a paperless novel that we’re not even certain we’ll like or finish. The publishing industry is among the last holdouts in the ongoing transition from owning media to accessing it through a monthly service, but that’s about to change with the launch of Oyster, an app released today for the iPhone that’s looking to transform the way you read and pay for books.

Maybe you’ve heard that claim before. Kindle does have its lending library, and your local library already allows you to digitally check out books. But when I say Oyster is different, that’s because it is. For $9.95 a month you get unlimited access to more than 100,000 titles, and according to the founders, that number is growing daily. You can jump from Jessica Alba (yes, Jessica Alba wrote a book) to Charles Bukowski with the same ease of shuffling from Katy Perry to J Dilla on Spotify. There’s no pressure to finish either since users can add as many books as they’d like to their reading list, and the last 10 opened will instantly be downloaded for offline reading.

26 September 2013

LUV's Digital Future

The Green Mountain Library Consortium Board met two weeks ago for one of our bimonthly
meetings and decided that we wanted to better communicate what we are and what we are trying to do, so that Vermont can move forward with the evolution of the incredible resource we offer in our digital lending library (DLL), ListenUp!Vermont, that reached almost 10,000 unique Vermont patrons last year and more than 20,000 unique Vermont patrons since its inception.

GMLC is a group of volunteers . And while we currently have enough volunteers to maintain the status quo, if we are to grow, we need to ask more of you to volunteer to help.

Building the DLL seems simple enough, just buy the content that folks want, right? Unfortunately, we also need to speak and act urgently and poignantly at this juncture on behalf of digital lending, so that libraries have a digital future. Publishers, though readers at heart, need favorable profit margins, and currently they are skeptical that teaming with libraries is the correct model for maximum sales. They're wondering if models like Oyster, a book repository similar to Netflix, might be better. Rules have been created that have changed the nature of DLL's content purchasing and lending. Here are some of the rules that DLLs are being subjected to by publishers:

  1. HarperCollins makes all of its eBooks and digital audio books available to libraries. However, as of February 2011, the publisher instituted a policy that each title must be repurchased after the 26th time it is checked out.

  1. Macmillan - Some eContent is available to libraries from this publisher. Macmillan sells digital audio titles to libraries and a selection of eBooks from their Minotaur imprint (crime fiction). However, each title must be repurchased after 24 months or 52 check-outs, whichever comes first. Popular Macmillan titles not available as eBooks through libraries are Killing Kennedy by Bill O'Reilly, The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, and Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnmen.

  1. Penguin Group USA - Some eContent is available to some libraries from this publisher. In February 2012, Penguin stopped selling eBooks and digital audio books to libraries. Titles that were already purchased are still available in our digital collection. In June 2012 Penguin launched a pilot to sell eBooks to the New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library. The titles are acquired for one year and are not available for purchase until six months after publication. The program has expanded, but Penguin titles are still not available through Overdrive. Penguin sells some digital audio titles to libraries. Popular digitally unavailable Penguin titles include The Thief by Clive Cussler, Chasing Midnight by Randy Wayne White and Cat's Claw by Susan Wittig Albert.

    * Yesterday Overdrive announced a contract to allow for distribution of Penguin titles.  The use will follow the same rules that NYPL and BPL are under. 

  1. Hatchette Publishers - Some eContent is available to libraries from this publisher. Hachette sells digital audio books and older eBook titles to libraries. New eBook titles are not available for library purchase.

Publishers create these rules for two reasons. They believe digital lending is so easy that people will stop buying books and they are afraid of digital books becoming viral the way music did on Napster. Our problem is that with these rules it becomes difficult to create a robust collection that holds our readers' attention. We can't get many of the newest books because publishers aren't making them available to DLLs for a year or two after publication. This means that the patron may have already purchased a hard bound copy or even gotten their own digital copy by the time the publisher decides to release it to DLLs. That's right, individuals can purchase digital copies, they just aren't available for DLLs. Or we must buy the book several times across its lifetime giving digital library books a very high cost. The worst case scenario is that the book just isn't available at all to DLLs. Ever! Quite simply, publishers are currently making it hard for DLLs to exist. Our job is to figure out how we can create a relationship that will allow for this amazing technology and robust collections to exist in the coming years.

How do we gain the trust of publishers? How can DLLs move forward, so that we don't become dinosaurs, merely repositories of only hard bound books? We need to assuage their fears. Let's stay optimistic. Look how well LUV is doing. Our collection is growing steadily. Usage is way up and as more patrons get reading devices the number of checkouts will surely continue to increase. We need to transparently show them what digital lending is doing to our overall circulation numbers. This is the crux of how this discussion will play out, so let's get the data and report back to them. We will find that either the publishers' fears are unsubstantiated or that their fears were correct. If libraries get a plethora of new readers and circulate hundreds of more books then we will need to find monies to compensate the publishers with. If the only change in circulation statistics is that a percentage of the hard bound checkouts goes to digital checkouts, than maybe the rules the publishers have created could be done away with.

Over the next couple of years we will see many new models for accessing digital books. Please help establish a firm foothold for DLLs. Let's be savvy enough to begin this discussion and figure out our place in the digital book world. Let' work with publishers, not against them. Publishers are people that love words. They are forever searching for books that change lives and inspire our students and ourselves. Let's work with authors, their worlds are our bread and butter. Digital lending is an awe inspiring technology that makes reading easy and natural. Let's find a way for our DLL to continue to thrive.

Please reach out to publishers, let them know your circulation statistics, both hard copy and digital lending. Let's figure out what's fair and move forward. The DLL is here. Our readers are catching on to digital lending and LUV is ready to grow and evolve.

The GMLC can use all the help we can get. Please be in touch with me if you can volunteer some time.

Thank you,


Owen McDermott, GMLC Board

25 September 2013

New MARC records!

NEW MARC records!

I have added new records for both audio books and ebooks in the Box drop.

These files are named:
ebooks sept2013 part 1
sept2013 part 1 audio

There are many more Marc records for me to do- so I will do the other upload soon and label them part2!

Kelly McElligott

03 September 2013

Changes to Recommend Feature

Due to the overwhelming amount of patron requests the last month, we have limited patrons to being able to suggest 1 title a month for the next little while. We apologize for any inconvenience but its the only way we can reasonably order requests for everyone.

Thanks for your understanding!

New Youth eBooks and Audio books August 2013




Afternoon on the Amazon Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
Airborn Kenneth Oppel
Athlete vs. Mathlete W. C. Mack
Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick Joe Schreiber
Darkwing Kenneth Oppel, Keith Thompson
Dinosaurs Mary Pope Osborne, Will Osborne, Sal Murdocca
Dinosaurs Before Dark Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
Enchanted Alethea Kontis
The Enchantress Michael Scott
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library Chris Grabenstein
Etched in Clay Andrea Cheng
Garden Princess Kristin Kladstrup
Graffiti Moon Cath Crowley
I Am Number Four Pittacus Lore
In the After Demitria Lunetta
Inside Out & Back Again Thanhha Lai
James and the Giant Peach Marie-Helen Goyetche, Roald Dahl
The Kill Order James Dashner
The Knight at Dawn Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
Matilda Nat Reed, Roald Dahl
The Menagerie Tui T. Sutherland, Kari H. Sutherland
The Necromancer Michael Scott
Night of the New Magicians Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
Night of the Ninjas Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
Nine's Legacy Pittacus Lore
The One and Only Ivan Katherine Applegate, Patricia Castelao
Personal Effects E. M. Kokie
Pirates Past Noon Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
The Power of Six Pittacus Lore
The Prince Kiera Cass
Requiem Lauren Oliver
The Rise of Nine Pittacus Lore
Sidekicked John David Anderson
Skybreaker Kenneth Oppel
Sophie's Squash Pat Zietlow Miller, Anne Wilsdorf
The Sorceress Michael Scott
Starclimber Kenneth Oppel
A Trick of the Light Lois Metzger
Vote Gary Paulsen
The Warlock Michael Scott
Warriors Don't Cry Melba Pattillo
Wild Boy Mary Losure, Timothy Basil Ering
The Year of the Book Andrea Cheng, Abigail Halpin

Audio Books 



13 Gifts Wendy Mass, Kathleen McInerney
The 5th Wave Rick Yancey
Al Capone Does My Homework Gennifer Choldenko, Kirby Heyborne
Anna Dressed in Blood Kendare Blake, August Ross
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Benjamin Alire Saenz, Lin-Manuel Miranda
The Clockwork Prince Cassandra Clare, Ed Westwick, Heather Lind
The Clockwork Princess Cassandra Clare, Daniel Sharman
The Dead of Night Peter Lerangis, David Pittu
Divergent Veronica Roth, Emma Galvin
Emily of New Moon L. M. Montgomery, Susan O'Malley
Eve and Adam Katherine Applegate, Michael Grant, Jenna Lamia, et. al.
Finally Wendy Mass, Kathleen McInerney
The Fire Chronicle John Stephens, Jim Dale
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock Matthew Quick, Noah Galvin
Gathering Blue Lois Lowry, Katherine Borowitz
Ghoulish Song William Alexander, William Alexander
Goblin Secrets William Alexander, William Alexander
Graffiti Moon Cath Crowley, Ben Maclaine, Hamish R. Johnson, et. al.
I Am Number Four Pittacus Lore, Neil Kaplan, ©2010 by HarperCollins Publishers
I Funny James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein, Frankie Seratch
Igraine the Brave Cornelia Funke, Xanthe Elbrick
Magic Tree House, Books 36 & 37 Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne
Magic Tree House, Books 44 & 45 Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne
Magic Tree House, Books 46 & 47 Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne
Magic Tree House, Books 48 & 49 Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne
The Mark of Athena Rick Riordan, Joshua Swanson
Matilda Roald Dahl, Sarah Greene,
Middle School James Patterson, Chris Tebbetts, Bryan Kennedy
Middle School, the Worst Years of My Life James Patterson, Bryan Kennedy
The Mighty Miss Malone Christopher Paul Curtis, Bahni Turpin
The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail Richard Peck, Russ Bain
The Necromancer Michael Scott, Paul Boehmer
The Notorious Benedict Arnold Steve Sheinkin, Mark Bramhall
Off and Running Gary Soto, Barrie Kreinik
The Power of Six Pittacus Lore, Neil Kaplan,
The Reluctant Assassin Eoin Colfer, Maxwell Caulfield
Skybreaker Kenneth Oppel, David Kelly
Someone Like You Sarah Dessen, Katharine Powell
The Sorceress Michael Scott, Paul Boehmer
Starclimber Kenneth Oppel, David Kelly
Temple Grandin Sy Montgomery, Meredith Mitchell
That Summer Sarah Dessen, Mia Barron
The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp Kathi Appelt
Trust No One Linda Sue Park, David Pittu
Two Boys Kissing David Levithan, David Levithan
The Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan
The Warlock Michael Scott, Paul Boehmer
Warriors Don't Cry Melba Pattillo Beals, Lisa ReneƩ Pitts
The Witches Roald Dahl, Richard Briers,
Words in the Dust Trent Reedy, Ariana Delawari


New Adult Audio books August 2013



"A" Is For Alibi Sue Grafton, Mary Peiffer
The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding Agatha Christie, John Moffatt, Donald Sinden, 
The Affair of the Christmas Jewel David Ian Davies, Barry Roberts
The Billionaire's Vinegar Benjamin Wallace, Dennis Boutsikaris
East Edith Pattou, Various
First Test Tamora Pierce, Bernadette Dunne
Friday Robert A. Heinlein, Hillary Huber
Page Tamora Pierce, Bernadette Dunne
The Red Necklace Sally Gardner, Carrington MacDuffie
What's Going on in There? Lise Eliot, Ph.D., Cris Dukeheart
When I Was a Child I Read Books Marilynne Robinson, Marilynne Robinson
Whose Body? Dorothy L. Sayers, Nadia May
Wildwood Dancing Juliet Marillier, Kim Mai Guest
The Zimmermann Telegram Barbara W. Tuchman, Wanda McCadden
The Awakening L. J. Smith, Rebecca Mozo,
On the Origin of Species Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins
The Scarletti Curse Christine Feehan, Rebecca Cook
The Struggle L. J. Smith, Rebecca Mozo,
Tevye the Milkman Sholem Aleichem, Neville Jason
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Betty Smith, Carrington MacDuffie
Alanna: The First Adventure Tamora Pierce, Trini Alvarado
The Art of Happiness His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Howard C. Cutler, Howard C. Cutler
Beowulf Seamus Heaney, Seamus Heaney
Body Surfing Anita Shreve, Lolita Davidovich, ©Anita Shreve
Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer, Edward De Souza, Anthony Donovan, et. al.
Lean In Sheryl Sandberg, Elisa Donovan
Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls David Sedaris, David Sedaris
Astray Emma Donoghue, Khristine Hvam, James Langton, et. al.
Bring Up the Bodies Hilary Mantel, Simon Vance
The Cuckoo's Calling Robert Galbraith, Robert Glenister
The English Girl Daniel Silva, George Guidall
The Golem and the Jinni Helene Wecker, George Guidall,
The Good Lord Bird James McBride
The Highway C. J. Box, Holter Graham
Let Me Go Chelsea Cain, Christina Delaine
Night Film Marisha Pessl, Jake Weber
Visitation Street Ivy Pochoda, Ray Porter
All the Way Home Wendy Corsi Staub, Allyson Ryan,
The Gate Thief Orson Scott Card, Emily Rankin, Stefan Rudnicki
The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tim Robbins
Inferno Dan Brown, Paul Michael
Maya's Notebook Isabel Allende, Maria Cabezas
Rendezvous Nelson DeMille, Scott Brick
All That Is James Salter, Joe Barrett
The Art of Racing in the Rain Garth Stein, Christopher Evan Welch
Big Brother Lionel Shriver, Alice Rosengard
The Book of Salt Monique Truong, Paul Boehmer
Fin & Lady Cathleen Schine, Anne Twomey
If You Were Here Alafair Burke, Roxanne Hernandez
The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells Andrew Sean Greer, Orlagh Cassidy
The Light in the Ruins Chris Bohjalian, Cassandra Campbell, Mark Bramhall
Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish David Rakoff, David Rakoff
The Ocean at the End of the Lane Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman
The Son Philipp Meyer, Will Patton, Kate Mulgrew, et. al.

New Adult eBooks August 2013

Bad Monkey Carl Hiaasen
The Bat Jo Nesbo
Bobcat and Other Stories Rebecca Lee
The Celestials Karen Shepard
The Engagements J. Courtney Sullivan
The English Girl Daniel Silva
Fetching Raymond John Grisham
The Heist Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg
If You Were Here Alafair Burke
The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells Andrew Sean Greer
In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods Matt Bell
The Light in the Ruins Chris Bohjalian
Masaryk Station David Downing
Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe Jenny Colgan
A Necessary Action Per Wahloo
The Ocean at the End of the Lane Neil Gaiman
Sisterland Curtis Sittenfeld
TransAtlantic Colum McCann
Translator Nina Schuyler
Unseen Karin Slaughter
Dark Places Gillian Flynn
Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs            Harvey Bigelsen, M.D., Lisa Haller
The Fallen Legacies Pittacus Lore
His Majesty's Dragon Naomi Novik
Hunger Jackie Morse Kessler
Science Fair Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson
The Shutout in Major League Baseball Warren N. Wilbert
Throne of Jade Naomi Novik
An American Tragedy Theodore Dreiser
And Sons David Gilbert
The Beast Faye Kellerman
The Bird Saviors William J. Cobb
Blood & Beauty Sarah Dunant
The Butterfly Sister Amy Gail Hansen
The Color Purple Alice Walker
Dorothy on the Rocks Barbara Suter
First Sight Danielle Steel
Gap Creek Robert Morgan
The Giant's House Elizabeth McCracken
The Golem and the Jinni Helene Wecker
Gone with the Win Mary Daheim
A Hologram for the King Dave Eggers
Howards End E. M. Forster
The Incredible Theft Agatha Christie
Interpreter of Maladies Jhumpa Lahiri
The Last Kiss Goodbye Karen Robards
The Librarian Larry Beinhart
The Marriage Risk Debbie Macomber
Mendel's Dwarf Simon Mawer
Midnight Sons and Daughters Debbie Macomber
The Music Teacher Barbara Hall
The Road Dance John MacKay
Sea Creatures Susanna Daniel
Seasons of the Heart Cynthia Freeman
The Sunningdale Mystery Agatha Christie
A Treacherous Paradise Henning Mankell, Laurie Thompson
The Tree of Forgetfulness Pam Durban
Visitation Street Ivy Pochoda
Winter at Death's Hotel Kenneth Cameron
America's Hidden History Kenneth C. Davis
Before the Storm Rick Perlstein
Ecstatic Nation Brenda Wineapple
How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes Peter D. Schiff, Andrew J. Schiff
Scared Tom Davis
A Study in Sherlock Laurie R. King, Leslie S. Klinger, Lee Child, et. al.
Always Maintain a Joyful Mind Pema Chodron, Nalanda Translation Group
The Bourne Supremacy Robert Ludlum
Defy Not the Heart Johanna Lindsey
Demolition Angel Robert Crais
The Firebird Susanna Kearsley
Fires of Winter Johanna Lindsey
The Guns of August Barbara W. Tuchman
Hostage Robert Crais
L.A. Requiem Robert Crais
The Winter Sea Susanna Kearsley
Asperger Syndrome in Adults Ruth Searle
Crunch Time Diane Mott Davidson
A Dead Hand Paul Theroux
Debacle Grover Glenn Norquist, John R. Lott, Jr.
Heartless Sara Shepard

13 August 2013

New Recommend Feature

 We have introduced a new feature to Listen Up! Vermont. Now you or your patrons can directly search and recommend books available on Overdrive for purchase for Listen Up! Vermont.

To use this feature search for a book or author you are interested in. At the bottom of the search results screen there is a button that users can click and then search through all the books available for purchase on the Overdrive catalog.

Here is a screen shot of what it looks like:

Inline image 1

Right now patrons can recommend 3 titles they want to see in our collection every 30 days.

They must be logged into the website to recommend a title and they have the option of being notified if it is purchased and/or being put on hold.

We might have some delays in purchasing at first while we work out the kinks. Thanks for your patience and hopefully this will make Listen Up! Vermont a little more useful for patrons and libraries alike.

-Lyndsey vtaudiobooks@gmail.com

09 August 2013

New Blog Layout and Help options

You may have noticed that I have been busy this week making changes to the blog. My hope is to make things look a little less busy and be more accessible, provide more help materials and provide a way to contact us on the blog.

Take a look and please give me feedback if you notice something that is weird or badly formatted. I hope this helps everyone get more from this resource.


06 August 2013

New Version of Overdrive Media Console App

Overdrive is rolling out a new version of their app! Read below for more info or to sign up for a webinar training.

Thanks! Lyndsey
We’re delighted to announce that a new version of OverDrive Media Console (OMC) for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) is on its way. This release will include a new and improved interface design, enhancements such as syncing reading progress and bookmarks across multiple devices, and improved performance. OMC v3.0 will be available to Android and iOS users on August 20, 2013 and users will be prompted to install the new version.

What’s New
OMC v3.0 has been completely redesigned with a focus on making the user experience more intuitive. You can preview the new app here. The Next Generation of OMC will feature:

  • A redesigned user interface with an all-new look, streamlined navigation and a one-stop reorganized menu. App functions are just a swipe and tap away.
  • Users will be able to sync bookmarks and reading progress across multiple devices using a free, opt-in registration service called OverDrive One.
  • Variable speed playback for iOS. Audiobook users’ most requested feature.
  • First run tutorial screens. The app now prompts first time users to add libraries and get books.
  • System Requirements: OMC v3.0 for Android users requires Android OS v4.0 (or newer). OMC for Android v2.6.5 will remain available for download. OMC for iOS requires iOS 6 (or newer).

Launch Plan
To help your library prepare for the upcoming release, OverDrive has created several resources to educate library staff and get the word out to end users.

Live webinars for library staff
Participate in a 30 minute training on the new OMC app. Sessions will be held on the following dates and times:
Tuesday, August 13 at 3 PM ET
Wednesday, August 14 at 11 AM ET

Unable to attend? A recording will be posted to our Learning Center on August 16.
Coming Soon graphic
A "Coming Soon" promotional graphic will be added to your digital library website. The graphic will link to the preview video.
Marketing kit
In the OverDrive Media Console v3.0 marketing kit, we’ve created an email template that you can use to notify end users and/or include as an article in your upcoming library newsletter. You’ll also find sample Facebook posts and tweets to spread the word quickly and easily.
OverDrive Help
On launch day, OverDrive Help articles and videos will be updated with the new OMC v3.0 experience.

Be sure to subscribe to the Digital Library Blog for the launch notice. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Support via the Support tab in OverDrive Marketplace.

OverDrive’s Library Partner Services