23 July 2013

Checking out a Book via OverDrive READ.

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 Checking Out the OverDrive READ Format on an iPad

The new OverDrive READ format uses HTML5 technology to save the entire eBook in your browser. How is this different from using the Kindle or OverDrive Media Console app?
  • No registration needed
  • No additional app needed
  • No Adobe ID needed (OMC app only)
  • No Amazon account needed (Kindle app only)
  • The OverDrive READ book opens in a new tab on your browser!
Of note: The OverDrive READ format works better in some browsers than others. In some cases, like with the Nook Tablet I experimented with, it was more enjoyable to read the book in the Adobe EPUB format in the OMC app than in the new READ format. Experiment yourself and share your results with your local librarian! 
Log into the site and browse for eBooks as you would on a desktop computer. Narrow your results by format by selecting "OverDrive READ" from the Format section. See: Browsing for eBooks. (Link Needed)
Check to make sure the eBook is available in the OverDrive READ format.
Click the "Borrow" button...
Click the "Read (in your browser)" button. A new tab will open with the eBook. 
(Click on any image to enlarge...)
After the file finishes loading, look at the tips panel and tap "OK" to get rid of it. Pull the page down to see reader options. 
More options can be found by swiping from right to left... 
You can either bookmark the site (book) or save the site to your home screen. Adding an icon to your home screen is a great way to remember the book!

Now you have an icon to remind you to start reading! 

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