19 July 2013

From the Overdrive Blog

 Always Available eBooks for Training

Here’s the situation: you have a roomful of users, and you want to teach them how to use their eReader devices or the OverDrive app on a tablet or smartphone. Perhaps your first instinct is to search your collection for the latest bestseller, only to find that there’s a mile-long waiting list for that book. What can you do?

Your best bet is to check your library’s OverDrive-powered site for the “Additional eBooks Always   Available” graphic shown here. Clicking this graphic will take you to the library site’s collection of Project Gutenberg titles – a collection of thousands of titles offered in Open EPUB format, which are DRM free.

As the graphic says, these titles do not count against checkout limits, meaning no waiting list is created. If you use these titles for training purposes, your users can still get the books because they are always available. Anyone can grab one of these titles if they need something else to read, while they keep a checkout open on their card in case that mile-long waiting list shifts in their favor.

If the Gutenberg titles aren’t quite enough for you, there are many publishers offering Simultaneous Access titles for your collection.  Some of these include Duke Classics, Blackstone, Tantor, Disney Digital, and many more (visit Marketplace, or contact your Collection Development representative for a complete list). Please note that titles in these collections will count as checkouts for your users, however there will be no waiting list for those titles since they are also always available. Now, when you stand in front of your students, you’ll have more options at your fingertips, and demonstrating how easy it is to enjoy OverDrive media should be a breeze.

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