03 October 2013

Helping patrons using Content Reserve.

Hi lovely librarians (and patrons) of Vermont-

Just wanted to keep you informed on some ways you can help your patrons using Content Reserve. 

In order to start you must have a Content Reserve login. This was sent to you when you signed up for Listen Up! Vermont. If you have lost your login, you should email vtaudiobooks (at) gmail (dot) com and I can send you an email with login instructions. 

Login to www.contentreserve.com  
Click the Support tab at the top right part of the blue banner. 

Managing Holds
 Note: this tool does allow you to move a patron up and down on a holds list. You should NOT use this feature with consulting with the LUV Coordinator. Again if there is a problem with a patron's holds- email Lyndsey, do not move holds independently.

The only reason to use this tool independently is to cancel a patron's holds on a title. (You shouldn't really need to do this because patrons can do it themselves on their Holds page). 
Type their barcode, email address or the title of the book they want to remove.  

To cancel a hold, click the little pencil edit button and click Remove hold. 

Return Titles
Finally there is a way we can return books if a patron clicks the wrong format! Those of you who have patrons that exclusively use Kindles but have accidentally checked out ePub eBooks know what a big deal this is! Patrons do not have a way to do this yet but you can help them. 

Again input the patron's barcode, email or title of the book they have out.

Click on the title they want to return and click the return button. Confirm that this is truly the book they want to return.

Resetting Downloads
If you or your patrons have ever seen this error message: "The fulfillment limit (3) for the requested title has been reached." You may have been frustrated. Overdrive only allows patrons to try to download an audio book 3 times before locking down. 

You can reset the downloads for your patrons if this happens. Just click on reset downloads and input your patrons information. 

If you need to reset a user's download, search for the item then click View next to the title. 

The 'Checkout Details' page opens; click Reactivate. 
If you don't see a Reactivate button, either the download link is still active or the title has been returned to the library.

I hope this helps you to assist your patrons better! Please email me if you have any questions or need more assistance!


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