15 June 2015

More Titles to remove from your collection!

Hello again,  

Here is an email from Overdrive in regards to the list of titles to remove from your collection.  

Dear Library Partner,
As previously communicated, OverDrive has sunset the WMA and WMV media formats. Attached is a list of titles that were removed during the last round of the sunset.
To facilitate the process of removing these MARC records from your library catalog, the spreadsheet contains MARC Express, OCLC, and BDS control numbers. Additionally, some catalog vendors are able to help with the removal process by referencing the spreadsheet data, including the 856 field link. If you need assistance with removing the relevant MARC records, please reach out to your vendor.
In light of requests and feedback we received during the previous round of the WMA/WMV sunset, a MARC record "Delete" file will be delivered to customers who received OverD rive MARC Express or BDS records for these titles. For customers who received OverDrive MARC Express records for these titles, the "Delete" file will be delivered by June 17th. For customers who received BDS records for these titles, the "Delete" file will be delivered in the coming weeks. Unfortunately OCLC and eBiblioFile will not be able to provide "Delete" files.
If you have any questions, please contact your OverDrive Account Specialist.

I have added the file to Marc records and titled it "GMLC titles to remove Part 2"

Kelly McElligott
Stowe Free Library

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